Friday, September 25, 2015

Things central dugout boat crash Hungarian fire injured 22 died 1

Vessel boat crash Mae Klong River Wat Bang Yai. Things in Thailand. Overboard survive marooned villagers and boats. Help disembark There were 22 people injured, one of them female Hungarian fire. Until. Accelerating the cause ... 

Commercial fueled promote border trade year.

Mrs. Abhiradee Tantraporn UK minister with the Ministry of Commerce said. Interior, Treasury, Transportation Preparing guidelines on the Activities of the festival. 

Open assurance support across the AEC.

Mr. Bob Wang Vasu General Insurance Association Thailand's life insurance companies 22 Company and Allianz General Laos Ltd. or AG LA has signed a Memorandum of Agreement on cooperation in the exploration of accidents and management of claims and.

"Prayut" to protest a UN rights forum. But I think the country's reputation

"Prayut" informs UN mission. Reiterated its intention to cooperate with the United Nations to maintain the three pillars of development. And Sufficiency Economy Principle explained to leaders around the world understand the principle. To protest against a privacy rights group. But I think the reputation of the country. With thanks supporters Warning wounding another 

Interestingly military court issued a warrant gang of 17 persons

Military Court issued an arrest warrant for gang Interestingly Shrine total of 17 people preparing a "Adel M - Eugene Xu Fu" plan includes confession tomorrow (26 September) at 11:00 pm. From the first point on a whim. With train It then splits to Saen Saeb canal that spot, "Yu Xu Fu" bring used cell fuse press to leave. 

Turkish media said the US Hee Ja Roma refugees from Thailand to settle for another 29 people

The Manado Blue agencies - Turkish media reported on Friday (25 September) Thailand authorities have confirmed refugee Muslim Roma people to Heinz's 29 states. Part of the new homestead plan. After a verification process and found that the escape of the persecution.