Friday, September 25, 2015

Commercial fueled promote border trade year.

Mrs. Abhiradee Tantraporn UK minister with the Ministry of Commerce said. Interior, Treasury, Transportation Preparing guidelines on the Activities of the festival. 
And facilitate trade and border crossings with neighboring Thailand over the remainder of the year to trade according to the target of 1.5 billion baht from the last eight months (Jan - South. C. .) is worth the trade only 900,000 million baht, representing 60% of the target set in the present. In particular, Thailand - Malaysia still has barriers at several points that organizations need to accelerate the process.
The value of border trade for Thailand - Malaysia during the eight months was 316,181 million baht, which accounted for 50% of Thailand border trade with neighboring countries. The Ministry of Commerce has proposed to the Board of Directors promote border trade and investment with neighboring countries to accelerate development in order to facilitate border trade and to push through the region. Together with the establishment of duty free. In a matter of a point increase in the VAT refund at Sadao checkpoint. Songkhla and over extended periods of time in the opening stage.
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