Friday, September 25, 2015

Open assurance support across the AEC.

Mr. Bob Wang Vasu General Insurance Association Thailand's life insurance companies 22 Company and Allianz General Laos Ltd. or AG LA has signed a Memorandum of Agreement on cooperation in the exploration of accidents and management of claims and.
If the car insurance through car accident in Thailand or Laos to local authorities to assist with the insured to reassure the public the two countries later expanding insurance to the group. Asian countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore, however, the insurance covers sedans and pickup trucks to cross the border by any person to do voluntary insurance. Apart from the compulsory insurance premium rates based on the sum assured.
"The auto insurance providers across the region to support the late 58th ASEAN Economic Community. To exchange trade. And between more And in the future may expand cooperation in other forms, such as insurance. Customs clearance of cargo to the country, three by the freight will not be open during transport if there is an open container and the product has been damaged, the insurance company will be responsible so that if expanding the scope of insurance cover. All dressed in ASEAN and ASEAN countries will expand trade to southern China more convenient. "

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