Friday, September 25, 2015

Things central dugout boat crash Hungarian fire injured 22 died 1

Vessel boat crash Mae Klong River Wat Bang Yai. Things in Thailand. Overboard survive marooned villagers and boats. Help disembark There were 22 people injured, one of them female Hungarian fire. Until. Accelerating the cause ... 

At approximately 20:00 hrs. On 25 Sep 58 percent. The. The. Wattana Manual for the Black Swamp. Sp. Amphawa. Rescue Department was notified of the accident emperor. A tourist boat wreck Mae Klong River In front of Wat Bang Yai. Things package. Songkhram. Not far from the floating market Famous attractions Thus, along with officers to examine.

The scene found the ship. Dignitary CHAROENPORN 3, a passenger ship. Expulsion from ports tenders CHAROENPORN. Things sailed along the canal with speed, dodging clumps of water hyacinth. It crashed into the main boat. Fortunately Village, a large boat. Cargo ships full of tourists, 23 of whom are Chinese, Korean, Hungarian and no tourists in Thailand. While the boat was in the middle of the river makes castaways marooned travelers but because the water was wearing a lifejacket. Before people And ship tourists who witnessed the incident Helped land transport 

Meet tourists injured 23 people in this terrible four cases, authorities have up to help bring the hospital Things five people hospitalized Rama 12 people and Mahachai Hospital six people later tourists killed one individual. Things hospital know Mrs.ANAIZTAZIA Hungarian woman aged 61 years with traumatic skull fracture after being hit hard. 

The authorities will investigate the cause of the accident. With charges against the perpetrator. The sunken ships Expected to ship within tonight.
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