Friday, September 25, 2015

Interestingly military court issued a warrant gang of 17 persons

Military Court issued an arrest warrant for gang Interestingly Shrine total of 17 people preparing a "Adel M - Eugene Xu Fu" plan includes confession tomorrow (26 September) at 11:00 pm. From the first point on a whim. With train It then splits to Saen Saeb canal that spot, "Yu Xu Fu" bring used cell fuse press to leave. 

Today (25 September) at 21:15 pm. The Metropolitan Police (Bch.n.). Maj. North. The permanent qualification Siri Assistant Dir. Sq. And spokesman Sq., Revealed the explosive Ratchaprasong. And the Sathorn Pier Military court has approved arrest warrants for all 17 means: 1. Mr. Ahmed Bo Sung's Island 2. Mr. Joe Alan 3. Male Unknown Turkish 4. Mr. Mira Lee Yoo Soo Foo 5. Mr. Al Abdul Allah. Abdullah Abdul Rahman, eyes flashing 6. 7. Ms. Wanna short section 8. Mr David grew grain 9. I do not know Mr. Bush Tops extension 10. Mr. Scott supportive family or Mr.Yongyut. Meet Kaew 11. Mr Bodo Star. Abu Allah's or San Iqbal Noor Ali, 13. 12. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ahmad Ismail mail 14. An unknown man (the male figure skaters) is 15. unidentified man (the man in the image. CCTV) 16. Mr. Kabila Turk Adel Muhammad or the caramel traps (yellow shirt) and 17. Mr. Zubair (blue shirt) on charges of killing others by sharing premeditated. Together with premeditated attempted murder of others. Together bombs cause to others to death with serious injuries and property of others were damaged. Together impair estate Together with explosives registrar license not in possession without permission. Together carry weapons (bombs) in the city. Or public without good reason. And together with the arms, Family not allowed. Overall, the accused was a warrant earlier that 14 people added another three people, Mr. Ali Noor Ahmad Mr. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Mel Ottawa ancestry or Mr.Yongyut find glass. 

By tomorrow (26 September), the police have charged the two suspects who were arrested earlier, Mr. Kabila Turk Adel Muhammad or the caramel traps and Mr. Mira Lee Yu. Xu Fu and seek leave from the court. To put in jail at a court martial held Then shall withdraw a plan to assemble a confession at 11:00 hrs. From the Ratchaprasong intersection. And by the looks of it, the two are separate plans for each part. The cause of the trip. The accused were each route And the detention of Mr. Mira Lee Su Yue Fu to the Saen Saeb canal. The leading mobile phone to jettison the cause. The use of such phones in the press exploded at Ratchaprasong.The police will take action Which is closed to traffic from 12:00 to 14:00 hrs water. 

The plan consists in making a confession tomorrow. The starting point is split whim. Maj. A.. Somis Poompanmoung police chief to travel with.

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