Friday, September 25, 2015

Turkish media said the US Hee Ja Roma refugees from Thailand to settle for another 29 people

The Manado Blue agencies - Turkish media reported on Friday (25 September) Thailand authorities have confirmed refugee Muslim Roma people to Heinz's 29 states. Part of the new homestead plan. After a verification process and found that the escape of the persecution.

The news agency reported that the refugees Manado Blue Hee Ja, these are both receiving help from the rest of the camps trafficking.Including those on the coast of Thailand after the ASEAN countries in combating human trafficking heavily in May.

Turkish media reported, citing an interview of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand. Said the 29 people would be sent to relocating back has proven that these people are refugees who fled the persecution and not economic migrants.

Blue House spokeswoman Dana stated that such a policy would not reveal the name of the Ministry stated. But said that these refugees will be resettled in the United States sent in late.

The report of the pat Manado than 29 people were now refugees in detention centers for immigrants in Bangkok. Citing a report with the Bangkok Post quoted a US State Department refugee management stated that 29 people had been resettled. There followed the departure of refugees from Thailand four people earlier this month. According to humanitarian projects which provide new settlers to colonize the Muslim Myanmar, more than 13,000 people since 2002.

News in Manado Blue, citing data from the detention center. Swimming also take care of the refugees Hee Ja more than 328 people in that 193 people had been rescued from human trafficking.

Since 2012, the Roma Hee Ja, which the United Nations was seen as a minority under persecution in the world. Have escaped from Burma, hundreds of thousands of people. Amid the violence, some human rights groups have identified official behind.

Human rights groups expect 10 percent of the refugees in Myanmar Hee Ja, about one million people have fled the country to seek a better Rio de Castel in Indonesia and Malaysia. Two nations with large Muslim minorities of Thailand is often used as a bypass of refugees wishing heading south.

After the discovery of the tomb of Roberto heat from the body 30 in the middle of a camp in the south of Thailand on May 1 Thailand authorities have acted to suppress human trafficking. It led to the arrest of suspects, many of them soldiers, including a brigadier one.

A few months later, The ships trafficking unable ashore. As a result, tens of thousands of refugees who were laid off in the sea. The humanitarian crisis in the region. Before this crisis will unravel into the final day on May 20, Malaysia and Indonesia. Heinz allow refugees from Bangladesh and ashore. And accept them as refugees.


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